Feb. 26th, 2011

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It all piles up so hard and so fast Renee can't even say where it starts. When it starts. How it starts.
If it starts, or if its always been happening.

The Order of the Stone start talking about an upcoming apocalypse.

A series of kidnappings becomes nationwide, targetting exclusively meta children, all under 18. Investigation leads Renee to something called 'The Dark Side Club'.

The Religion of Crime contains numerous references to something called Anti-Life, always associated with Dark Side. The spelling is never clear.

She hears rumours loud enough that they're deafening. A new spread of murders. Crimes Det. Montoya never had to investigate.


The Books talk of Cain, and the first murder. The first crime. The first murderer returning to the earth for the last crime. The final one.


The world is going to hell so fast Renee gets vertigo.

J'Onn J'Onzz is dead. The Martian Manhunter. Renee was just a teenager when the Justice League were founded. She thought they'd be around forever.

Danny Turpin was looking for the kids. He's gone missing. The death continue. The rumours ricochet like bullets, each one louder and more violent than before.

What kind of gangland killing leaves a man mummified?

There's a draft. For superheroes. They get to Renee before it goes public. But she can't go with them, yet.

They've been trying to keep something from her, the Order, which she leads. It's in the Book, but it's also shoing up in the Irish sea. Stories of an artifact. A spear.

The spear. The betrayal.

The Book is very very clear what this spear can do. Who will wield it, and when it shall happen.

Her connection with Tot cuts out in the middle of Portsmouth, and she doesn't have time to figure out if it's a deliberate shut down of the system, or something bigger. Because she's now realises what's going on. What this is.

A word forms on her lips, one she remembers from when she was at college. One she never thought she'd hear again. And never when she was so involved in it as she is.



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