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Roses were delivered to the lighthouse. They don't even get mail at the lighthouse.

Dear Ms. Montoya, AKA THE QUESTION,

You have three minutes to read this card, whereupon every trace of it will disappear completely.

“Hey, Tot,” Renee throws out, not looking up from the letter. “You ever heard of Oracle?”

“Heard of him,” Professor Rodor offers, the frown even making his voice. “But only as rumour. He's all over the 'net, but you only get a glimpse when he's left something for you to see. I'm not even sure it is the same person.”

You are one of many potential applicants that may be...

“What does rumour say?”

“Something about a secret network of superhero operatives. Controlling ever information stream in the world. Brought down Blockbuster. Works with Black Canary.”

Inside the band around the roses you will fins a nearly undetectable monitor/communnication which will attach...

“I thought Black Canary was hanging with Huntress these days?”

“Her too, I guess.”

Call2Serve: Roses?

AsktheQ: yea. Weird, right? The card was all 'form letter' esque, too.

Call2Serve: How'd he get your address?

AsktheQ: That's what I want to know. Who knows?
AsktheQ: Abbott
AsktheQ: Shard

Call2Serve: Not their style.

AsktheQ: Nightwing.

Call2Serve: You think it's him?

AsktheQ: Or a friend.
AsktheQ: u there?

Call2Serve: Yea. How many you think got sent out?

AsktheQ: idk, let me call up my superhero drinking pals and ask them.

Call2Serve: w/e. I didn't get one, if that's what you're asking.

AsktheQ: It was.

“Hey, Oracle.

“Listen don't say 'welcome on board' or anything. That's not how it's going to work, OK?

“Here's the thing: I'm not going to be one of your Birds. I've got bigger problems right now and if you're anything like I think you are, you already know that. I'm going to trash this thing as soon as I've finished telling you this.

“You've got my address. You've probably got my phone number. I'm not changing anything. In fact, I've got some ideas about making it even easier to contact me. You want me for something specific, you give me a call.

“But I'm not playing Charlie's Angels with the rest of your team, OK? That's not my style.

“Look forward to working with you.”