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Final Crisis: Shit and Fan

Here's the thing: The world once again might very well be about to end, only this time it might turn out to be all Renee Montoya's fault.

Well, not her fault exactly – more like her responsibility.

Anti-Life, that's what it is. It's an equation, or a virus or a – something, and it's likely to take over the world and turn Earth into a new home for Darkseid and all the evil gods of Apocalyps. Renee found the descriptions in the Crime Bible to be a little too Dawn of the Dead for her liking. (Tot said it was very I am Legend). The signs have been building, and now everyone's paying attention, from the Justice League on down. Renee's even been recruited by some shadowy Government Organisation for purposes not yet explained.

Thing is, though: This has been foretold, and it's been what the Order of the Stone has been working towards; that pesky crime-worshipping evil cult Renee somehow managed to make herself leader of. It all ties together with their ultimate purpose – to recover the Spear of Destiny and use it to resurrect Cain. And that will bring the end of it all.

“It goes like this,” she explained shortly to the press gang who forcibly recruited her into their Secret Government Conspiracy, “all this stuff – the murder of the gods, the meta kidnappings, even the Manhunter – that's just shit, and we're swimming in it, sure.

“This spear – that's the fan, and you really don't want them to switch it on.”

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