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JUNE 2006
1 IM conversation Renee + Tot re: bibles.

14 Darkseid's Bitch play Coast City
15 - Death of Serration  - Coast City
24 - Renee in Liepzig : telegram from Tot.
27  - Mugged for laptop belonging to DB's manager

29  -- flew Liepzig to Barcelona

19 - Renee's Barcelona hotel burns down
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No one who lives in Gotham can really say they've had a normal life, and certainly no one who'se worked in the Major Crimes Unit of the GCPD, with all the masks and the psychos and always the possibility of the bat. Renee Montoya worked for years with Gordan's team. She lived through the Cataclysm and No Man's Land and has had more near death this is it I'm going to die moments than she can count.

The last year has been the strangest of her life.

It's been a year since a man with no face broke into her apartment and woke her up in bed next to a woman whose name she can't even remember. Ten months since she was reunited with the one woman who she's never been able to forget. She's killed a teenage girl, been honoured by a king, befriended a queen, leanred the basics of Buddhism and made a very good friend and partner.

It's been three months since Charlie Szasz died on the steps of the city where he might have lived.

Renee is painfully aware that her making him travel in the state he was in probably speeded his death, and she feels guilty about it everytime she thinks of it. But somewhere along the line she's learned to accept the guilt as part of her, coming up as it does everytime she asks the most important question:

Who are you, Renee?

She's close to finding the answer. Not fully there, but closer than she's ever been. She's Renee Montoya, The Question, and in her facelss mask, with the baby powder-and-cardamon smell of binary gas surrounding her, she slowly scrapes the question mark of the large light on the GCPD building, and resprays on the famous bat-symbol.

One month since Ugly Mannheim tried to sacrifice Batwoman to send Gotham City to Hell - literally. One month since the new Question first donned the mask to save her former lover. One month since she's seen Kate in either of her guises.

Now, the Question has just one question. She angles the signal  so it points directly at the Kane building and swiches on the blinding light, casting a familiar shape on the sky scraper.

"Are you ready?"
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After Dee dumped her, Renee spent her life drinking, picking fights, picking up women for casual sex, and drinking. Until (in week 2) The Question invaded her home and offered her a job, staking out an abandonned building at 529 Kane Street. She took the job, and the stakeout lasted 2 weeks, until (week 4) finally someone enterred, and was followed by Renee and the Question, where they found a strang emonster that attacked them, breaking Renee's arm, and could only be defeated until Renee disintegrated it with a strange ray-gun she found in the same basement.

Renee spent another two weeks recovering and trying to figure out what happened by contacting her old police colleagues. It's until until week 7 that she mentally connects Kane street with her ex-girlfriend Kate Kane, and confronts her, only to find she knows nothing. It's not until week 9 that the Question finally meets her face to (real) face, introduces himself as Charlie and tells her Gotham is being targetted by intergang.

It's another two weeks until (week 11) Kate informs Renee that the property has been leased to Ridge Ferrick, a subsidary of HSC International - Intergang's spearhead. Renee and Charlie break into HSC International and are confronted by metas - including a reptilian woman called Whisper A'Daire and a wolf man - Abbott - and set upon by goons. They are rescued by Batwoman - whom Renee almost instantly recognises as Kate.

They follow up these leads best as they can, including Renee's GCPD contacts, and all leads seem to point to the idea that the weapons and personel Intergang are importing come from Kahndaq. It takes weeks of wrangling the international travel and Charlie and Renee eventually (week 14) make their ways to Black Adam's country. The very next day, however, ttheir first lead to Ridge Ferrick takes them to the scene of a massacre, just before the police arrive and arrest them.

After four days in prison (week 15) they break out live as fugitives for another week (week 16) unti Adam's wedding to Isis. Renee realises just in time that Intergang will hit the wedding, and they rush, being just in teim for Renee to shoot a potential suicide bomber (a teenage girl).

The pair are honoured by Black Adam and Isis, but Renee is driving back to drink and sex by the guilt of the killing. It's not until she misses the medal presentation (week 18) that Intergang is brought up again and the investigation resumes. It leads them (week 23) to Yeman, where the four of them interrupt an Intergang Reeducation camp and rescue Isis' brother Osiris from a ritual involving a strange book - The Book of Crime. The pair are further honoured by Kahndaq's royal family.

At Charlie's request, he and Renee are eventually (week 26) brought to Nanda Parbat in the Himalayas, where he introduces her to his friends Dr. Aristotle "Tot" Rodor and Richard Dragon. This latter immediatly (and without consultation) takes Renee on as a student. Over the next couple of weeks (week 27), Renee realises how sick Charlie is and eventually confronts him (week 27); Charlie has lung cancer - has known for about seven months - not that much longer than he's actually known Renee - and doesn't have long to live. He picked Renee as his successor.

That same day, though, Tot comes to a conclusion about the Crime Bible; Gotham is to be used as the location of a ritual sacrifice involving the "twice named daughter of Cain". Renee concludes this means Kate -who is named twice as Batwoman and whose family name is Kane (It's later mentioned Cassandra Cain is too young) - helped by a picture likeness.

Charlie and Renee return to Gotham and use a 'batsignal' flashlight to contact Kate (week 28). The three of them defeat the prophesy by fighting Manheim at the scheduled time the sacrifice should have taken place, but in no time at all (week 30) Charlie is too sick to continue and bedridden in Kate's penthouse while a physician 'friend' (of whom Renee is insanely jealous) treats him. Renee stays with Charlie, and begins to follow the meditation teachings she learned in Nanda Parbat, while Kate continues with the mantle of the Bat and tries to track Mannheim down properly. In the process she meets Nightwing, who flirts and is shot down.

Charlie gets worse and worse over the holiday season, and by week 33 the cancer has spread to his brain making him delirious. Renee stays by his side and Kate by hers; as a friend although they share one kiss. Eventually (week 34) Renee succumbs and he is admitted to St Luke's hospital on New Year's Eve, 2006.

Staying by his side, Renee becomes more and more despairng, (Week 36) until she remembers the healing properties of Nanda Parbat and determines to take Charlie back. Desperately, she discharges him from the hospital and takes her leave of Kate. The journey is hard on Charlie, but Renee perserveres, eventually hiking through the Himalayas with Charlie on a sled, she runs out of his painkillers and uses his mask as insulation, but never makes it on time. On January 27, 2007 (Week 38), Charlie Szasz, aka Vic Sage aka the Question, dies on the very steps of Namda Parbat.

Renee stays with Tot and Richard while she deals with the loss of her partner and best friend, and with herself. after much training and meditation, she finally ( week 42) sees her reflection in the ice cave without a face. When the rose Isis gave her suddenly withers and dies (week 44) Renee knows Isis is dead, and realises she must leave Nanda Parbat. Tot and Richard Dragon press on her Charlie's pseudoderm and binary gas. Renee takes them but says she won't be him.

She goes to Kahndaq (week 45), but her offer of help is rejected by Black Adam, who points out that Renee still hasn't stopped Intergang's designs on Gotham. So she finally heads home (week 47)., to find Kate has been kidnapped, and Nightwing is on the case.

Renee and Nightwing cut through Intergang's creatures looking for Mannheim and Batwoman, and the devices the sacrifice will activate to bring Hell Gotham. When (week 48) the wolfman Abbot saves Nightwing's life, he becomes a temporary ally, and Renee sends the two of them to shut them down. She herself goes afer Mannheim and Kate, finally donning the Question's mask. She manages to rescue Kate at the last moment, (obviously) although kate almost kills herself in killing Mannheim.

Kate was stabbed in the chest, and takes time to heal. But a few weeks later (week 52) the Question signs a bat signal onto her apartment, summoning Batwoman.

"Are you Ready?"


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