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Birthdate:Feb 11
Networks: GCPD
Gender: Female
Hometown: Gotham City, USA
Relationship Status: It's complicated
Interested in: women
Religious Views: Catholic

Renee Montoya used to be a cop in the Gotham City Police Department. She used to be in the Major Crimes Unit of the GCPD, hand picked, like all her colleagues, by Commissioner James Gordon.

She used to live a double life, keeping her sexuality secret from her colleagues, her friends, but most importantly her strict Catholic Dominican parents.

Then the villain Two-Face outed her.

She used to think that by being a cop, she was fighting the good fight and doing her part for the people of Gotham living in the most corrupt and criminal city in the country. She used to have faith in the police force.

Then her partner was murdered trying to uncover corruption, and his killer walked free.

She used to used to drink as an escape from the stresses of her job. She used to smoke. She used to look for fights in lesbian bars to avoid taking the violence home to her lover. After that lover left her, she added sleeping around to the list of vices on her downward spiral of self destruction.

Then she was found by Charlie Szasz.


Renee is an attractive woman of latina descent, age hard to tell on a face hardened by many years as a cop on the hardest beat in the hardest city, and with a body toned by martial arts training. Trained by Richard Dragon, she's a more than competent martial artist; no Batman or Black Canary, but she can hold her own.

As the Question she wears a mask made of pseudoderm, which completely obscures all features on her face. When donning it, she also releases a cloud of gas from her belt, which binds the mask to her face was well as straightening and darkening her curly brown hair to straight and black. She favours trenchcoats and fedoras, which is probably why the Question chose her as his successor.

She's technically Catholic, but has recently been following the path of zen Buddhism, and finds it agrees with her. There's a long way to go before she obtains full self control, however. She's an ex-smoker, a dry alcoholic and probably celibate right now.

Renee comes into the bar after the events of 52, but before the aftermath. As of the time of this profile update, she has most recently been through Final Crisis.


Renee Montoya is from the Batman mythos, and is the property of DC Comics. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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